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Change at the HSE Corporate Centre will benefit services

Changes in the HSE corporate structure, designed to ensure better co-ordination and delivery of services, take effect from 14 June 2021.

Published: 10 June 2021

Changes in the HSE corporate structure designed to ensure better co-ordination and delivery of services are taking effect from June 14th.   The changes have emerged from the HSE Corporate Centre Review which has now been completed.

In December 2019 HSE CEO Paul Reid commissioned this Review to determine how well the HSE's corporate services are geared to support the operational services such as. hospital groups, community healthcare organisations, and related services. The work commenced in January 2020 and we are now moving on to the implementation phase of the Review.

The HSE Board has carefully considered these changes and has given them their wholehearted support.

Widespread consultation has taken place to inform this project with the participation of many senior managers and individuals from the organisation and covering key areas of the Corporate Centre.

The lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and those we will come to learn in the aftermath of the recent cyber attack demonstrate a more effective way that the centre of the HSE can work with the services. We saw:

  • Improved decision making and speed of response between the HSE Corporate Centre and services
  • Focused problem solving with collaboration and innovation across the HSE Corporate Centre
  • Open and transparent engagement with stakeholders, which has helped to build trust and confidence
  • The importance of data as a powerful and indispensable tool in the efficient management of the health system
  • The role of telehealth in enabling change, quickly and effectively
  • Public Health playing a more prominent role in healthcare

Our experience in dealing with COVID-19 has given us a huge insight into a better ways of working together. The structure that we are moving to now strikes an appropriate balance between the centralised coordination that is necessary for a body as large as the HSE, while giving services the autonomy they need to continue doing an excellent job.

Watch CEO Paul Reid staff update on the Centre Review

What are the key changes?

  • Service Planning, Patient and Service User Experience, National Schemes and Reimbursement and Operational Performance and Integration will be established under Integrated Operations and the Health Identifier Service will move into the function from HBS.
  • Under the Clinical Function:
  1. changes have been made to Integrated Clinical Care Design & Innovation
  2. A Quality and Patient Safety function has been established.
  3. A Clinical Programme Delivery function is being established which will bring together the Office of Nursing & Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD),National Doctors, Training & Planning (NDTP) and Health & Social Care Professions (HSCP) with other clinical components.
  • Human Resources is taking on Recruitment, HBS HR, the National Integrated Staff Records and Pay Programme (NiRSP). Within HR Culture and Capability now includes Staff Engagement and Culture, Leadership Learning and Talent Management and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.
  • HBS Finance Services, Payroll and Procurement move to the central Finance function.
  • Healthcare Strategy now includes Governance & Risk, Strategy and Research, Capital and Assets as well as Change and Innovation which will incorporate transformation programmes, change management, process improvement and Digital Transformation and Innovation
  • Health Care Audit is moving to Internal Audit
  • SAP CoE (Centre of Excellence) is moving to eHealth and Disruptive Technology.

Watch National Director of Human Resources Anne Marie Hoey gives staff an update on the Centre Review

Go Live Date

Monday 14 June 2021 is the go-live date for implementation of new structures. The overall work of the Review will continue and it is planned that the implementation of other areas will be phased over time.  For example over time a Population Health and Prevention function will include the areas of Test and Trace, Public Health, Environmental Health and Health and Wellbeing and we will be moving to a more integrated structure for Acute and Community Services.

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