Values in Action

Living our values is a key part of improving the health services experience, for our staff and for those we serve, as part of our mission to build a better health service.

Values in Action is about actively developing a culture where our values are a way of life for us all – a visible part of our everyday actions, throughout the health services starting in the Mid West.

Everyday thousands of our staff live the values of care, compassion, trust and learning. Sometimes this is very visible, sometimes it is not. In order to shape our culture around these values, so that they are evident every day in every workplace, we have translated our values from words into behaviours, or actions, that we can all demonstrate. We call this Values in Action.

Values in Action is a behaviour and cultural change initiative to bring our values to life in how we engage with each other in the health services. Through Values in Action we can create a better working environment for our staff and deliver better experiences to our patients and service users. Evidence has shown that staff who are happier and more engaged at work lead to improved outcomes for patients.

The Values in Action uses a peer to peer approach to shaping our culture. Our Values in Action Champions have been nominated by their colleagues and peers. They are drawn from all grades, disciplines and professions from health services across the Mid West. Our champions will be leading this culture change in their peer networks.

Follow our progress on @HSEValues

The values of care, compassion, trust and learning are based on the HSE Corporate Plan 2015 – 2017. This plan informs many of the significant changes currently taking place across the health services. The organisation structure of the health services is changing but the culture is changing too. Values in Action is part of a broader plan to Build a Better Health Service, which involves numerous change and improvement programmes currently underway across the health services.