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Organisational Health

The Organisational Health service provides interventions to support healthcare services and managers address complex psychosocial risks in the workplace.

We enable our HSE workplaces to proactively manage their psychosocial work environments, where they can work together to create a safe and healthy workplace and culture.

Organisational Health facilitators have specialist knowledge in helping with:

  • organisational and occupational psychology
  • workplace health and wellbeing
  • work-related stress work


Healthcare managers can get support in addressing complex psychosocial risks in the workplace, including interpersonal conflict among teams, unhealthy work environments or work-related stress.

Support includes:

  • work and organisational psychology interventions for teams
  • stress management for teams
  • psychosocial risk management for teams
  • psychosocial wellbeing for teams
  • facilitated interventions
  • advice and guidance for managers/leaders

When support may be required

  • to reduce and mitigate work stressors
  • to address work factors contributing to psychosocial ill-health/strained work environment
  • in the aftermath of formal investigation processes
  • to resolve interpersonal conflict and find resolution
  • positive team development and team resilience, including team self-care


  • find resolution
  • move team into positive change process
  • solutions that form an action plan for implementation - desired outcomes for the team/service
  • service delivery report and action plan
  • signpost to supports

How to get support

This is a managerial service only. To seek support, line managers must complete a referral form (available in word and pdf format):

001 Organisational Health and psychosocial support referral form (Word, 60 KB, 2 pages)

001 Organisational Health and psychosocial support referral form (PDF, 816 KB, 2 pages)

Email your completed form to

Your referral request will be reviewed by Organisational Health. A meeting will then be arranged with the referral client for an initial consultation (by either phone call, MS Teams or face-to-face).

Further information may be required to finalise a proposed intervention. A consultation and engagement plan will be agreed with the wider team before sign-off of the proposed intervention (support) and progressing into implementation phase.