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The NCHD Hub provides a workplace health and wellbeing service for non-consultant hospital doctors, offering support in both your role and overall wellbeing.

As a non-consultant hospital doctor (NCHD), you face unique pressures and challenges that can impact your health and wellbeing. The NCHD Hub is here to provide you with support and guidance to manage these challenges effectively and maintain a healthy and fulfilling career.

We offer support with occupational health assessments to NCHDs. Our services are available to those who have an NCHD contract with the HSE or a Section 38 service.

NCHD Hub Services

The NCHD Hub provides services that include:

  • advice on workplace adjustment for psychological and medical issues
  • disability and work advice
  • work-related stress support
  • fitness for work assessments
  • psychological support relating to your role as an NCHD

Reasons for referral

You can access the NCHD Hub by self-referral or via a referral from your local Occupational Health Service, Medical Manpower, National Specialty Director (NSD) or your relevant training body.

Reasons for referral may include:

  • complex ongoing medical conditions
  • complex ongoing psychological conditions
  • work-related stress
  • work and disability advice
  • long-term sickness absence unlikely to resolve before rotating to a different region or new regional occupational health service

Regional occupational health services will continue to provide the following assessments:

  • frequent short-term sickness absence
  • long-term sickness absence
  • serious illness - Critical Illness Protocol (CIP)
  • medical review of disclosed health issue
  • health-related performance issue, accident, injury or assault at work
  • occupational blood or body fluid exposure
  • occupational vaccinations

If necessary, the regional occupational health service may refer you to the NCHD Hub.

Making a referral to the NCHD Hub

Management referral (from Medical Manpower, National Specialty Director (NSD) or training body)

Management referral form


Self-referral (for confidential advice, where no report is issued)

NCHD self-referral form


Regional occupational health service referral (from another occupational health service)

Regional occupational health service referral form



If you need urgent medical attention contact your local GP or emergency department.