Eye tests for display screen users

You may experience eye fatigue, red or sore eyes and headaches from using your computer.

Eye fatigue can cause you to adopt awkward postures which may cause discomfort.

Eye strain and fatigue is reduced by having:

  • the screen well positioned
  • suitable lighting conditions
  • regular breaks from screen work

As a display screen equipment (DSE) user you are entitled to an eye and eyesight test:

  • before commencing DSE work
  • at regular intervals
  • if you experience visual difficulties due to DSE work

This test is paid for by the HSE.

If your eye test shows that you require particular lenses for DSE work, these are paid for by the HSE. This covers the cost of minimum-requirement frames and lenses.

The HSE is not liable for costs if you already wear glasses and need routine new lenses that are adequate for DSE work.

A claim for costs can be made on the reimbursement for other costs form (PDF, 180KB, 1 page)

Definition of a DSE user

You are deemed a DSE user:

  • if you have no choice but to use the DSE to carry out your work
  • If you normally use DSE for continuous periods of more than one hour per day
  • If you generally use DSE on a daily basis

Display screen equipment includes PCs and visual display screen equipment.

How to apply for reimbursement of your eye test

  1. Provide confirmation of working for the HSE
  2. Confirm local arrangements for eye tests with your manager
  3. Arrange an appointment with your optician
  4. You must pay for the eye test and submit the reimbursement form to your payment processing division