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Apply for funding for nursing and midwifery educational programmes

If you are a registered nurse or midwife, employed in the HSE, or agreed HSE funded organisations (Section 38 organisations), you can apply for funding support for short or formal academic programme fees. This is a part of continuing professional development (CPD).

Depending on where you work in Ireland, a CNME or NMPDU will process your application. For those working in HSE West, applications will be made through the CNME's in HSE West. For those working in HSE Dublin North East, HSE Dublin Leinster and HSE South, applications will be made through your local NMPDU.

Short programmes

Short programmes are events of up to 6 days long. It can also include online education programmes. Examples include conferences, individual study days and workshops.

These programmes do not have Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) accreditation.

Formal academic programmes

Post Registration Education Programmes at level 8 and above for Nurses and Midwives sponsored by HSE HR Circular 020/2014

Post Registration Education Programmes must be:

  • accredited at level 8 and above on the National Framework of Qualifications
  • relevant to a nursing or midwifery area of practice
  • meet patient, service user or organisational need

Examples include certificates, modules, higher diplomas, postgraduate diplomas and master’s degrees relevant to clinical practice.

Before applying for funding

Arrange to meet with your line manager to discuss continuing professional development (CPD).

This is an opportunity to explore options and supports available to you and complete your professional development plan (PDP)

How to apply

To apply for educational funding support:

  1. Read the funding application process details
  2. Complete your local funding support request form
  3. Each application must be supported by your director of nursing or midwifery or your line manager
  4. Submit your completed application form to your local NMPDU, CNME or CLD before the closing date

Funding support is not granted retrospectively

Related topic

HSE HR Circular (020/2014) on Sponsorship of Nursing/Midwifery Education Initiatives

Local details and where to send your application

To find locally relevant application process details, application form and contact information, chose the area you work in from this list:

If you have submitted an application and what to know what happens next, read the after you apply section.