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Hospital Innovation Fund

The Hospital Innovation Fund, promoting innovation in hospitals by funding senior-led hospital projects, offers funding from €20,000 up to €60,000.

Who can apply


How to apply

Successful applicants


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Who can apply

Senior healthcare professionals can apply for funding for initiatives with the potential to improve how care is delivered in our health service.

Funding may be given for projects that:

  • add value to your hospital through increased delivery of best practice care, cost savings or increased capacity
  • demonstrate new ways of working
  • encourage collaboration within the hospital and between organisations
  • can be scaled up and transferred to other services or other hospitals
  • show commitment to innovation from your hospital or hospital group

In particular, your project should have:

  • an emphasis on sustainability and a commitment to reducing healthcare's carbon footprint
  • evidence of innovative or design thinking
  • engagement with emerging technologies


The minimum level of funding available through this fund is €20,000 and the maximum is €60,000.

Applications for funding are expected to deliver significant value and provide a strong evidence base to justify this level of investment.

Funding is allocated based on the:

  • potential of the innovation to work throughout the health service
  • degree of collaboration involved
  • expected impact on patients, healthcare providers and the health service

An interim report outlining project milestones and achievements is required by the end of July.

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

Submit your application using the Hospital Innovation Fund Application Form (Google form).

Note: the Google form may not be accessible in some HSE hospitals. However, it is essential that the Google form is used for processing the data.

Applications must be approved by your hospital's senior management team.

Although the application must be led by a senior member of your department, collaboration is highly encouraged. We anticipate that applicants will apply on behalf of a multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, midwives and health and social care professionals. Involving health service users in project design and implementation strengthens applications. Input from other organisations is also encouraged. The project lead is your key point of contact during the application process.


This scheme is open to Irish public hospitals only. Commercial state bodies and Section 39 organisations are not eligible to apply for funding.

On receipt of your application, your proposal will be checked for eligibility. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

To get your application assessed by the judging panel, you must meet the following conditions:

  • proposed project must be innovative
  • timeline described must be practical and feasible
  • expected results must be clearly laid out, realistic and measurable
  • funding sought must be justified and based on a clearly laid out budget

The application must be led by a senior healthcare professional working in an Irish public hospital. The criteria for senior is:

  • doctor - consultant and above
  • nurse/midwife - CNM3, ANP, ADON and above
  • health and social care professions - manager and above

The application must be approved by the hospital CEO and senior management team.

Applications not meeting the requirements will not be shortlisted. If your application is unsuccessful at this stage, you will be notified. This initiative is not to be considered a substitute source of funding for proposals such as funding a job post, usual renovations, routine equipment.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will get an offer letter and are asked to complete a Memorandum of Agreement. As part of this agreement, you will be expected to share the results of your project with the Spark programme and other stakeholders. To receive funding, you must accept the conditions outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement.

You will be asked to accept the offer no later than two weeks after the initial offer. An interim report outlining milestones and achievements of the project is required by [date to be confirmed] .

Hospital Innovation Fund projects are invited to be part of the innovation showcase at the Spark summit, and may be considered for entry to our Bright Spark awards.



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Applicant's guide - Hospital Innovation Fund (PDF, 253.9 KB)

The Hospital Innovation Fund is a cross-department, multi-stakeholder initiative, with funding from HSE Acute Operations, HSE Office of the Chief Clinical Officer, National Doctors Training and Planning, Office of Nursing and Midwifery Services, Health and Social Care Professions.