Single Scheme

The Single Public Service Pension Scheme (Single Scheme) started on 1 January 2013.

You are part of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme if you:

  • joined the public service for the first time since 1 January 2013, or
  • returned to the public service since 1 January 2013, on a new contract after a break of more than 26 weeks from a previous post

Non-urgent advice: Pension benefit statement

Employees on the Single Public Service Pension Scheme will receive a pension benefit statement in the coming weeks. This statement will show your pension benefits earned from 2013 up to the end of 2021.

If you have moved address

If you have moved home address since your contract start date, you will need to update your address details.

If Employee Self Service is not implemented in your region, complete the address section of the HR104 form (PDF, 208KB, 3 pages). Email your completed form to your local HR department.

If Employee Self Service is implemented in your area, log onto Employee Self-Service and click on My Addresses box.

How to update your address details on Employee Self Service

The rules of the Single Scheme are set out in the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012.

The main provisions are:

  • career-average earnings, rather than final salary, used to calculate benefits
  • a pension and lump sum amount (‘referable amount’) accrue each year
  • minimum pension age for most members is linked to the state pension age. This is age 66 years currently, rising to 67 and 68 in line with state pension changes
  • compulsory retirement at age 70
  • pension increases are linked to the Consumer Price Index

Frequently asked questions relating to the Single Scheme (PDF, 664.6KB)

Watch what to expect from your Single Scheme Benefit Statement