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Pension administration

National Pensions Management provides pension administration services to members of:

Your benefits and terms depend on the applicable scheme. These are based on the scheme rules set out in legislation and Government Circulars.

Single Public Service Scheme

New entrants employed in pensionable public service posts, on or after 1 January 2013, will generally be members of the Single Public Service Scheme (Single Scheme)

Pre-existing schemes

In general, employees who were appointed to pensionable posts within the public service before 1 January 2013 will be members of the pre-existing schemes.

Pre-existing schemes are:


If you're unclear about your pension entitlements, or unhappy about a decision relating to your entitlements, contact the pension service for your area.

If the matter is not settled to your satisfaction, you can use the Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process. Find out about the IDR process from the pension service for your area.

If you continue to have a complaint or dispute following IDR, you may be able to refer the matter to the Pensions Ombudsman - fspo.ie

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman
Lincoln House
Lincoln Place
Dublin 2
D02 VH29

Phone: 01 567 7000

Pension benefits and family law

Pension benefits are considered family assets. These can be divided between family members, where appropriate.

A Pension Adjustment Order (PAO) is issued by the court to divide up pension benefits between family members.

A PAO may be used by couples and civil partners who are separating.

Where a PAO is issued it must be followed, and not the pension scheme rules.

Contact the National Family Law Pensions Management Unit at NFLP@hse.ie