Published: 19 November 2021

Update from this week's COVID-19 briefing

The majority of eligible healthcare workers will be offered an appointment for their third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The booster programme for healthcare workers, which began on the weekend of November 6th and 7th, has seen 100,400 doses administered to date. There are approximately 305,000 people in this group.


HSE CEO Paul Reid has said the rollout of the boosters was "progressing really well".

HSE Chief Clinical Officer Dr Colm Henry said they have already seen a steadying of incidence rates in older people who have had the booster shot.

Dr Henry said that a study by Public Health England showed that two weeks after receiving a booster dose, for adults aged 50 or over, protection against symptomatic infection was 93% in those who originally had AstraZeneca and 94% in those who originally had Pfizer.

Mr Reid noted the continued benefit of vaccination, despite the high levels of hospital and ICU admissions.


“The reality of it is patients from less than 10% of the eligible population in terms of vaccination are taking up 43% of the COVID beds, while patients from 90% of the eligible population, i.e. those who have been vaccinated, are taking up just 54%,” he said.

Over 65s in long-term residential facilities have almost all had their booster shot, with 24,000 people out of the 25,000 vaccinated. Some facilities will need to be revisited due to outbreaks.

GPs have administered 132,000 doses to the over 80s and the target is to complete all estimated 161,000 in November. The home vaccination service has been expanded to accommodate boosters for the housebound.

In the 70-79 age group (estimated population size of 336,000) 130,500 have been vaccinated through their GP to date. The majority should get their booster or have been offered an appointment by the end of November.

Of the estimated 475,000 people aged 60-69 years, 23,800 have had their booster dose at a vaccination centre. The majority of those eligible will have had their booster or an appointment for one by the end of the year.

Full Vaccinations of 18+ year olds in EU Data as of 16 November 2021