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Published: 23 May 2023

National survey of people aged 65 and under in nursing homes

We are carrying out 2 national surveys for information about people aged 65 years and under living in nursing homes and accessing older persons services. These surveys are open until November 2023.

The information collected in these surveys will be used to set up a database that will help to:

  • identify people with a disability who may be inappropriately living in nursing homes and accessing older persons services
  • make sure that the most appropriate health and social care supports are provided in the most appropriate setting
  • identify and plan the resources the person needs to live the life they choose, in their current service or in a community setting
  • make sure the needs of people with disabilities are being met

There are approximately 1,300 people aged 65 and under living in nursing homes and accessing services for older persons. There is currently no centralised HSE database with sufficient information to support the needs of this population.

We are conducting a resident survey and a service provider survey. We are using Smart Survey software for both surveys.

For residents

Residents who would like to take part will be asked for information about:

  • their current circumstances
  • their care and support needs
  • their wishes for their residence and care

Complete the resident survey

For nursing homes

We are asking nursing homes to provide anonymised information on:

  • the needs of people aged 65 and under in their care
  • supports that people aged 65 and under in their care currently access

No identifying information (such as your name, home address, date of birth or PPSN) will be requested.

Complete the service providers survey

We are setting up a centralised database in response to recommendations set out in:

  • The Ombudsman’s Report on Wasted Lives: Time for a better future for younger people in Nursing Homes (2021)
  • Time to Move on from Congregated Setting – A Strategy for Community Inclusion Report (2012)
  • UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD)