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Important update from CEO Paul Reid - HSE Corporate Centre

Update from CEO Paul Reid on his vision to reform the HSE Corporate Centre

Published: 24 June 2020

In October of last year, I communicated to you my vision to reform the HSE Corporate Centre as part of establishing a strong system of national and regional governance.

The objective is to have a more strategic national centre which will have greater clarity of role and can better complement and support the health services going forward. These changes will also enable greater decision-making to happen at the front line.

The review commenced late last year and I made a decision to pause the review in March as we prioritized our focus on responding to COVID-19. Prior to March, a consultation was undertaken across all Divisions, the feedback from which is being taken into consideration.

I have now restarted the review and it will also take into account the learning to date from the COVID -19 experience which has provided further detailed insights into the role of the Centre and how it can provide leadership and support to operational services while recognizing the autonomy required at a service level.

At the end of this process, I will have a series of recommendations that will help inform us to look at the Centre as it currently exists and how we can move towards implementation of the new regional structure which may be further informed by a new Government.

This reformed and more strategic Centre will be in a better position to support and enable the work of the six regional healthcare organisations once they are established.

I intend to keep you updated regularly as we progress this important work. 

Paul Reid

Chief Executive Officer