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HSE launches three-year corporate plan

Published: 1 March 2021

Watch the staff launch of the Corporate Plan 2021-2024

The HSE has launched its corporate plan. The plan that was developed by the Board of the HSE, endorsed by the Minister of Health and, is based on extensive research and consultation with staff, stakeholders, and the public. People, both our staff and the individuals that we serve, are at the centre of our work. Over the past year, we have worked together to respond and manage the Covid-19 pandemic and have developed new ways of working, a new sense of purpose, and stronger trust in ourselves and with our stakeholders.

The corporate plan is an important document because it:

  • sets out a shared vision for our health service over the next three years
  • gives priorities and goals that we must meet to achieve this vision and
  • allows our stakeholders to measure and track our progress.

The plan has 6 objectives:

  1. Respond to the Covid-19 pandemic while delivering health services safely
  2. Enhance primary and community services and reduce the need for people to attend hospital
  3. Improve scheduled care to enable more timely access and reduce the number of people waiting for services
  4. Prioritise early interventions and improve access to person-centred mental health services
  5. Reimagine disability services, to be the most responsive, person-centred model achievable with greater flexibility and choice for the people using our services
  6. Prevention and early intervention in children’s health, harmful alcohol use, and obesity.

Read the full HSE Corporate Plan 2021-2024 (PDF, 1,777KB, 30 pages) 

 Why are we doing this?

We want to provide the highest quality care and timely access to services and treatments for you and everybody living in Ireland. We want to support and encourage people across all walks of life to stay healthy and well, to live independently, and to live longer lives. We want to have a health service that provides you, your family, and loved ones with a good experience no matter where you live or where you receive your service. We want a health service that our staff can be proud of. We want the HSE to be a great place to work where people are resourced to do their job and can gain satisfaction from the work that we do.

2020 demonstrated the HSE’s core values and purpose; we worked together to care for people, to be effective, to change lives, to transform how we delivered our services, and protect the public’s health.

There have been many positive developments and much success in the health service over the past decade but we know that more needs to be done. COVID-19 has demonstrated how important our health service is and that it requires investment to continue to deliver. Overall we want people to have trust and confidence in our health service.

How will we know that we are improving our health service?

We will be developing annual plans to support the objectives in the plan. We will measure our progress and report on improvements as we work to strengthen the health service. We are committed to our core values of trust, care, compassion, and learning. 


We will be developing measures to monitor progress in the following areas:

  • A healthier start for children and reduced health inequities
  • Reduced risk factors for chronic disease focusing on harmful alcohol use and rising obesity rates
  • Enhanced community services, supporting people to live independently in their  own home or in the community
  • Improved access to tests and specialist appointments, closer to home
  • Reduced waiting times for diagnostic tests, outpatient appointments, in-patient and day-case procedures
  • Mental health support that aims to keep you well and responds quickly when you need it
  • More person-centred support for people with disabilities to live full, independent lives.

 Read the full HSE Corporate Plan 2021-2024 (PDF, 1,777KB, 30 pages) 

We will keep you updated on how we’re measuring up to our objectives as we go along.