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COVID vaccine rollout 22 October

Published: 22 October 2021

Around 1,000 people a day have registered for their vaccine in the last fortnight, it has been revealed, boosting hopes that vaccine messages have been reaching the 8% of the adult population who remain unvaccinated.

HSE National Lead for Vaccination Damien McCallion said the numbers registering have been rising, with 2,500 signing up for their first dose on Wednesday.

“Whether it was caused by the focus on recent changes, we have seen 2,500 new people registered just yesterday. We have broken down the numbers as best we can to segment it, to understand it. The walk-in clinics have a range of age groups but generally are in the 20-40 year old age group. But the registrations are coming from right across the spectrum and we still have people of 80 years of age coming forward,” he said.

As well as information campaigns to target unvaccinated people across the country, he revealed that the HSE are working with GPs and pharmacies to give out expert advice.

“We have also been working with general practice because if people haven’t come forward for a vaccine, they may need reassurance from their GP,” he said.

The HSE Vaccination Lead confirmed that:

  • 7.29m doses have been administered to over 12s
  • 91% have received at least one dose and 90% are fully vaccinated
  • In the over 18 population, almost 94% have received at least one dose and 92.4% have got two doses.
  • 20,000 dose one and dose two were administered in the week beginning October 18th, along with 10,000 dose threes for immunocompromised people and 50,000 boosters for the over 65s in residential care facilities.

In terms of booster vaccines for healthcare workers, HSE CEO Paul Reid said he would welcome the go-ahead for the booster campaign to begin. The decision by the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) is still being awaited.

“I’m not the expert in terms of the evidence, the National Immunisation Advisory Committee are and in fairness to them, one of the reasons why we have such a high uptake of the vaccine is that the public have listened and have understood that the assessment has been made by qualified people. But I run the HSE and I would be concerned for our healthcare workers.”

vaccine update 22 october
Nancy Keogh got her booster in the Navan Road Community Unit 

Nancy Keogh (92) was just one of the 50,000 people aged over 65 who have received their booster jab. Nancy got her booster in the Navan Road Community Unit in Dublin. The Stoneybatter woman and her best pal Florence O’Reilly almost danced out of the room back in January after getting their COVID-19 vaccine.