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Controls Assurance Review Process (CARP) is now live

CARP, a tool to assist the HSE in completing an annual review of our system of internal controls, runs from 1 November until 10 December 2021

Published: 1 November 2021

The Controls Assurance Review Process (CARP) is a tool that assists the HSE to complete a formal annual review of the effectiveness of the organisation’s system of internal controls.

The 2021 CARP will run from 1 November 2021 until 10 December 2021 (management in your area may set earlier internal deadlines by grade to ensure timely submissions).

Conscious of the pressures and demands on staff, we have enhanced the process to allow it to be completed with minimal disturbance.

Staff at a Grade VIII, or equivalent salary and above, and any other member of staff deemed appropriate by their management team, are requested to complete this. 

Nominated participants will receive an email on 1 November providing the link and password to access CARP online.  You can also access it at

If you are unable to locate your password, email

If you have not received an email and believe it may be appropriate for you to complete the process, please discuss with your line manager.

Support and information

Training materials and supporting documentation are available on the CARP support website. If you have not accessed this site previously, you will need sign-in credentials. These were distributed to all staff recently in 2021 CARP-related communications. If you can’t locate these details email

A brief overview of 2021 CARP (training video)