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CEO Paul Reid's Message of Thanks

A message of thanks from CEO Paul Reid to HSE staff for their hard work, dedication and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published: 26 June 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As I reflect on the extraordinary events of the last number of months, one of the most striking aspects for me is the manner in which you, our health care staff, have rallied to respond to the many challenges posed by COVID-19. I’d like to again express my gratitude and admiration to all you for your hard work, dedication and resilience. Our emergency planning and swift responses have depended on your critical skills, expertise and experience. I’d like to acknowledge the flexibility so many of you have displayed in changing roles speedily, whilst continually working at the top of your professions. This was demonstrated at all levels of the organisation. 

There has been a clear focus on collaborative working across hospital and community services, statutory and voluntary and private health care services. The flexibility and creativity of the organisation have been evident in the new services established, including clinical assessment hubs, end to end testing and tracing, and timely expert advice provided to the public and to colleagues. It is my view that this crisis has created an environment where staff have taken ownership of issues and delivered new services or existing services in new ways. The shared sense of purpose and support has empowered staff, both individually and collectively, to accept responsibility to respond to the pandemic. These are unique factors at this time and ones that I hope we can retain and carry into the future when the current crisis subsides. In this context, I’d also like to acknowledge the staff representative organisations who have worked with us in responding to critical service needs. 

The lessons learned during these most challenging of times will empower the organisation to continue with the ambitious reform agenda of the health services. As we now turn our attention to our strategic and operational plans for the coming weeks, months and years; providing non-COVID-19 services, while continuing to live with the disease, I am acutely aware of the need to support services and to support our staff. This will be a key priority for me and my Executive Management Team. However, as with the pandemic, I am confident that you, our health services staff, have the knowledge, skills and confidence to drive and transform our services as we continue to work together to deliver ‘safer better healthcare’.

Paul Reid

Chief Executive Officer