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Watch back: Previous Staff Webinars

The January Staff Webinar COVID-19 Q&A Session with CEO Paul Reid, COO Anne O’Connor and CCO Colm Henry is now available to watch. You can also watch the webinars from November and September 2020 below.

Published: 22 January 2021

Watch back the full recording of the HSE staff webinar from Thursday, 21 January 2021.

 During the webinar Paul, Anne, and Colm answer questions on many issues including the COVID-19 vaccine rollout programme, the health services post-COVID, and how each of them cope under the strain of the on-going COVID pandemic.

Webinar clips

Paul Reid discussing the COVID-19 vaccine rollout programme

Anne O'Connor talks about how people will be notified of their vaccine if they're not online.

Colm Henry talks about giving the COVID-19 vaccination to our staff
Paul Reid on the HSE Service Plan and budgets

Anne O'Connor discusses our new ways of working during COVID-19 including working from home.

Colm Henry talking about coping with the intensity of working during this pandemic and coping during the third wave.

Watch back: November 2020 Staff Webinar – COVID-19 Q&A session

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