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Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine

UNICEF Vaccine Campaign

Published: 24 June 2021

UNICEF campaign supports global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines  

Our work in the HSE to deliver vaccines to our population is well underway, and we will all benefit from the offer of a free COVID-19 vaccine, delivered by our teams in the HSE, and funded by the State.

But vaccines are not available in all nations, and COVID-19, along with the emergence of variants, threatens everyone around the world. UNICEF have recently launched a new initiative to aid the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to adults in 92 low and middle-income countries.

UNICEF's Get a Vaccine Give a Vaccine campaign offers people an opportunity to come together in support of global vaccine equity.

This effort to support global COVID-19 vaccine equity is the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation in history. UNICEF are working on behalf of the COVAX Facility, a global effort led by the World Health Organisation, Gavi and CEPI.

Supply of vaccines is expected from donated stocks from nations around the world and UNICEF is fundraising directly with the public and businesses for the support services that are needed to deliver these donated vaccines in low and middle-income countries.

This includes:

  • cold-chain infrastructure
  • training of healthcare workers
  • consumables like syringes
  • PPE
  • facilities where vaccines can be given
  • and local communication and engagement programmes.

UNICEF’s target is to deliver 2 billion vaccines to adults by the end of 2021.More than 80 million of those doses have been delivered to 129 countries so far.

Paul Reid said – ‘People in Ireland have always been amongst the first to support their global family and our teams understand the importance of protecting health care workers and vulnerable staff. UNICEF is offering people an opportunity to support the vaccination of key populations in developing nations where the need is great.’

To read more about Get a vaccine, Give a vaccine; visit the UNICEF Ireland website.

Ireland is a member of COVAX, and the Government supports efforts to ensure developing countries have access to COVID-19 vaccines.