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COVID vaccine rollout update 20 August

Weekly update on the vaccination programme

Published: 20 August 2021

With 90% of the adult population partially vaccinated and 84% fully vaccinated, HSE CEO Paul Reid described the level of vaccine uptake around the country as “above and beyond” what anyone was expecting.

“Our level of uptake and the pace of rollout, particularly over the last few weeks and months, has been widely recognised and lauded across many EU countries – and indeed across the world.”

Registration opened for 12-15 year olds on 12 August and continues in full swing. As of yesterday, 19 August, 124,000 of the 12-15 year old population had either registered online or attended a vaccination appointment through their GP or pharmacy. Almost 72,000 children in this age group have now been administered a vaccine.

The CEO highlighted the “huge” public support that has made this uptake possible, even in the face of a wide range of restrictions and public health measures.

“Time after time, the public has made many sacrifices for the greater good, and we sincerely thank the Irish population – and indeed enterprise and business – for the support that they have provided to help us protect the health service in this period.”

To date, 6.5 million vaccines have been administered overall. Last week saw just over 230,000 vaccines administered, 200,000 are expected to be administered this week, and the plan for next week is to have around 150,000 administered.

Mr. Reid also made “a very specific and clear call” to anyone who has not yet come forward for vaccination, emphasising that they are putting themselves and others at a much greater risk than they need to and that it is “never too late” to be vaccinated. The CEO highlighted a recent example of an 87-year-old woman, who drove to a Sligo Vaccination Centre on one of the centre’s walk-in days and was administered her first vaccine.

“Very clearly, she said she had thought about it for many months, had read the information, and after engaging with her family she had come to the conclusion that it was right, and that she would protect herself.”

Meanwhile, Keelan Gallagher (13) from Tubbercurry, Sligo, exemplified all the young people around the country stepping up to receive their vaccine. Keelan was delighted to meet Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly at the Sligo Vaccination Centre after receiving his first jab on Wednesday.

Keelan Gallagher from Sligo meeting Minister Stephen Donnelly