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COVID vaccine rollout update 11 June

Weekly update on the vaccine rollout programme

Published: 10 June 2021

Vaccinated people are being urged to continue to follow public health advice as the country continues its opening from lockdown.

“Our call to people is very simple. If you have been vaccinated, congratulations and please continue to keep your guard. If you haven't been vaccinated, please come forward as you are requested. It really does work. And we will get you soon,” said HSE CEO Paul Reid.

It is hoped that between 270,000 and 290,000 vaccine doses will be administered next week, adding to the over 2.2 million people have received their first dose. One million people who registered on the portal have received a vaccine, it was confirmed.

Janssen vaccine

From next Monday, pharmacists will begin administering the Janssen vaccine to those aged 50 and over who have not yet received their vaccine.

Vaccine Registration for people aged 30 - 39

Paul Reid said the HSE cannot confirm when vaccination registration will open for people aged 30-39 years. He said they should be in a better position by the end of next week to confirm when it will start. Vaccination will open first for those aged 35-39, he said, adding that the HSE wants to see the full uptake of vaccination for those over 40 first before announcing registration for the younger age group.

Vaccine benefits

The HSE CEO said the vaccination programme has been 'slowly building up better lines of defence' for the HSE since early January.

He said the vaccination benefits continue to be seen in case numbers, hospital and ICU admissions, mortality, and increasing herd immunity, but he urged people to remain cautious and ‘fully embrace’ vaccination.

COVID-19 cases

However, Mr Reid said we must ‘continue to remain cautious’ and the population will need to ‘fully embrace’ vaccination, testing and tracing and adhering to public health guidelines for ‘some time to come'.

Over the last two weeks, almost 80% of reported COVID-19 cases have come from those aged 44 or younger. Paul Reid said 6.7% of the cases have come from those aged over 55 and approximately 2% from those aged over 65.

Meanwhile, there was great excitement at the Helix vaccination centre in Dublin as they passed their 100,000th community vaccination.

vaccine rollout update 11 june

Photographed to mark the major milestone were Mellany McLoone, Chief Officer; Tom O'Brien, Head of Primary Care; Eileen Kelly, Principal Clinical Lead; Fiacra McGuirk, General Manager Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing.