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Be on call for Ireland

COVID-19 or coronavirus is here and we are all taking action to reduce the impact it has on our families and communities. In our health service, we’re preparing to care for the people affected.

Be on call for Ireland is a HSE recruitment drive that began on St. Patrick’s Day.

We are asking healthcare professionals who are not working in the public health service, retired and student healthcare professionals, skilled workers, and volunteers to be on call for Ireland.

Be on call for Ireland sign up page

The response so far

The volume of people registering to be on call for Ireland has been immense. Tens of thousands of people have registered, showing that the people of Ireland are supporting us in our fight to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The team in National HR are working hard to get back to each person who has registered. But, the volume is high so they are asking for the public's patience. They want to reassure everyone that they will be in contact as soon as is possible.

Who should register?

We want people with a range of different skills to register including:

Healthcare professionals

At the moment we want health professionals, who are not working in health care already and are available to work immediately. National HR will triage applicants prioritising this category. We will contact this group first.

With a shorter selection process, interviews and professional registration checks starts today (20 March). We need to take these steps to protect the public in hiring qualified, competent staff. Once we deal with this category we will move onto other registrations.

Other groups

We want to hear from other categories of people too. We are also interested in:

  • retired or student healthcare professionals,
  • people with skills and expertise outside of healthcare, and
  • volunteers

We may not need every person who registers. But knowing that people are willing to help in such huge numbers is reassuring for us all, particularly our frontline staff.

Temporary redeployment of HSE staff - clinical roles

As part of our response, we are looking for HSE employees who have clinical skills but not currently working in clinical roles. We are asking you to state their willingness to return to a clinical role. This is for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, for when we may need you.

If you redeploy to a clinical role temporarily, you will have your current terms and conditions of employment protected. You will also receive training and up-skilling in certain circumstances.

You can give us your relevant information here: staff skills page

For more information read the full policy: Redeployment of Staff during COVID-19 Infection

Training resources

COVID-19 training resources are now available on HSELand for staff and volunteers. You will see these resources on the home page of HSELand when you log in. HSELand access has been broadened allowing volunteers and others to register and undertake programmes online and to access the hubs and resources without needing a personnel number.

Courses specifically related to stopping the spread of COVID-19 include: hand hygiene, infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE).

Compulsory course 'An Introduction to Children's First' is also easily accessible to all from the HSELand homepage. Staff and volunteers will have access to i-START (online staff Induction programme) to assist them in adjusting to their new roles.

This is a challenging task

This is a challenging task in a complex environment. But we need to build capacity to meet a demand that we are still trying to understand.

Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is our collective responsibility.

We will get through this, together. It’s in our hands.

Page last reviewed: 21/03/2020
Next review due: 21/03/2023