Published: 17 November 2021

Be winter ready - are you prepared for severe weather?

Severe weather events are becoming increasingly common in Ireland and it is important that HSE managers and staff plan and prepare so our ability to deliver health services during periods of severe weather is not compromised.

Severe Weather Planning Guidance document will help HSE managers and staff to develop and update your severe weather plan. It includes checklists and advice on how to do this.

Any potential severe weather events during winter may be further compounded by the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are a HSE manager

update your existing severe weather plans, include any learnings from 2020 and ensure all your staff are aware of them.

If you are a HSE staff member

make sure you are familiar with severe weather plans for your area or department and discuss these plans with your line manager as needed.

All Area Emergency Management Offices are available to provide managers with support and advice on updating existing severe weather plans.

Find emergency management office contact details.

The government’s annual Be Winter Ready campaign has just been launched. The Be Winter Ready campaign provides crucial information for the public to help people prepare for the winter months.

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Useful resources

Met Éireann provides an alerting service App that can be downloaded to your mobile device, click here to access this app

Road Safety Authority advice on severe weather