Process to follow when reporting a stolen or lost device

  1. User notifies line manager and local ICT call centre immediately of loss/theft of mobile device. ICT call centre will log call and implement any containment action. For example, cancel mobile phone, 3G card, issue remote kill command to erase contents of lost/stolen MS Windows mobile device or Blackberry phone device, disable users remote access account.
  2. The user and their line manager complete a mobile device incident report and returns to local ICT call centre manager.
  3. User notifies their local insurance officer (Finance Directorate) who will record the loss/theft of an asset and deal with any insurance claims. User also reports incident to Gardaí if appropriate.
  4. Local ICT call centre manager will assess incident. If mobile computer device contained no confidential or sensitive data the call will be closed by ICT on the helpdesk. If mobile computer device did contain confidential or sensitive data, then the call will be passed onto the ICT Information Security Unit.
  5. The user and their line manager should take a copy of the report in case this is needed.
  6. The ICT Information Security Unit will notify the HSE regional consumer affairs area manager and both will contact the user and their line manager to further assess the incident, evaluate options available and agree an action plan.
  7. Once an action plan has been agreed and all other relevant HSE directorates, for example Communications and Internal Audit, have been notified, HSE Consumer Affairs will officially notify the Data Protection Commissioners Office of the incident.
  8. Implement action plan
  9. The user’s line manager will draft a report on the incident (with assistance from ICT and Consumer Affairs if required) and this will be sent to the DPC via HSE Consumer Affairs.