KPIs for health and safety

Health and safety key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure, monitor and evaluate safety and health performance. The KPIs are set by the HSE’s leadership team

Active monitoring of KPIs will reveal how effectively a safety management system is functioning.

The HSE’s KPIs request information on a number of indicators that include:

  • statistics on the number of H&S training sessions completed throughout the HSE nationally
  • statistics of accidents or incidents reported
  • the number of safety statements completed and signed off for each area

Data on performance is reviewed by the Health and Safety Management Advisory Committee and the Risk Committee and provides:

  • a basis for continual improvement
  • feedback by identifying good practice that promotes a positive safety culture
  • information on areas where the system is inadequate

Managers at all levels have responsibility for monitoring objectives achieved and compliance with standards.

Support and advice

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