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HSE Work Positive

An integrated approach to improve employee health, safety and wellbeing

For the first time, elements of employee health, safety and wellbeing are integrated into one online risk management process. This gives managers and the organisation a comprehensive and actionable plan to improve staff health, safety and wellbeing.

About HSE Work Positive

It is essential that our health and wellbeing, both physical and mental, are supported at work.

HSE Work Positive is a risk management process that measures workplace stressors, employee psychological wellbeing, and critical incident exposure. It provides guidance so we can develop action plans to improve certain areas of work. This will have a positive effect on staff wellbeing and performance.

Some benefits of implementing the HSE Work Positive framework include:

  • increased employee satisfaction, productivity and overall engagement
  • increased risk awareness
  • reduced workplace stress and critical incident stress
  • reduced occupational health referrals

The survey is confidential. An external agency will compile the results. Your manager will receive a report with a specific action plan, based on everyone’s response. It is therefore important that everyone takes part.

Get more information about HSE Work Positive

Employee guide to HSE Work Positive

Manager guide to HSE Work Positive

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