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RespiraSense: remote monitoring solution for patients with chronic lung diseases

What is RespiraSense?

RespiraSense continuous respiratory rate monitoring provides continuous and non-invasive monitoring of patients’ respiratory rate while maintaining minimal patient contact.

RespiraSense can appropriately monitor the breathing of multiple COVID-19 patients by telemetry without the need for additional personal protective equipment (PPE). Information transmitted through bluetooth allows the care team to examine respiratory rate remotely with minimal contact with the patient.

The RespiraSense piezo electric continuous respiratory rate monitoris a discrete wearable sensor that directly measures the repetitive mechanical displacement of the chest and abdomen during breathing. The sensor can monitor symptoms of COVID-19 such as shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. The remote monitoring of patients' respiratory rate allows the care team to develop more accurate early warning scores.

To use the solution, the healthcare provider will be provided with access to the following by the RespiraSense team:

  • RespiraSense account set-up
  • access to an iPad positioned within the ward and installed with RespiraSense app
  • access to wearable sensor devices for patients
  • in-person support on how to operate the RespiraSense system by RespiraSense clinical support specialist

How to apply

The HSE Lead for RespiraSense is Des O’Toole - Digital Clinical Innovation Lead, HSE Digital Transformation and Innovation.

Contact Des at for details on how to access RespiraSense.

Training and demos

Live training sessions are being scheduled over the coming weeks. Details on these training sessions will be posted here when finalised.

Recordings of live training sessions will also be available for your convenience over the coming weeks.

System demonstration

If you are wondering whether RespiraSense would be useful in your service and would like an overview you can watch the system demonstration:

Support documentation

Patient documentation

RespiraSense patient information leaflet (PDF, 1.2MB)

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