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Remote patient monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for the delivery of health services; both in terms of the continuity of standard care and in the provision of services specifically tailored to address the pandemic.

Given the emphasis placed on ensuring social distancing where possible in the community, and as part of efforts to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus to healthcare workers, solutions to allow for the monitoring of the health and wellbeing of patients remotely using technology are required.

The National COVID-19 Telehealth Steering Committee mandated a Remote Patient Monitoring Working Group to examine international evidence for use of remote patient monitoring solutions, and to develop guiding principles and solution evaluation criteria for their implementation.

Usage of remote monitoring solutions should comply with HSE IT policies and standards

Guiding principles and suggested evaluation criteria are outlined in:

Guiding principles for remote monitoring solutions

Check-list for remote patient monitoring (Word)

Remote patient monitoring solutions – COVID-19 third wave

A number of remote patient monitoring solutions, co-designed by HSE Digital Transformation, have been approved and are being made available for immediate use as tools to assist in the treatment of COVID-19.


The app (accessible on a patient’s phone or tablet) uses wireless pulse oximeter to measure patients’ oxygen saturation and heart rate, and a spirometer to record FVC, FEV1 and other lung measures. All information captured in the app is immediately available for the care team to view in a secure patient data portal. Those with mild to moderate symptoms may continue to recover at home, whereas those with more severe symptoms or health measures may be moved to hospital. Read more about patientMpower


Providing earlier warning of a patient’s deterioration, RespiraSense can appropriately monitor the breathing of multiple COVID-19 patients by telemetry without the need for additional personal protective equipment (PPE). Information transmitted through bluetooth allows the care team to examine respiratory rate remotely with minimal contact with the patient. Read more about RespiraSense

Enodatis for COVID-19 (formerly ACORRD)

Supports healthcare professionals with triage, monitoring, and treatment of COVID-19 patients in hospital. The solution uses a novel COVID Critical Care Index (CCCI) to help determine the best course of treatment. The web-based tool displays information to the care team on each patient’s progress helping to optimise and scale acute respiratory care. Read more about Enodatis for COVID

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