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patientMpower: remote monitoring solution

What is patientMpower?

patientMpower enables patients with COVID-19 to be monitored from home, whilst in self-isolation. This means that patients with less severe COVID-19 can be discharged from hospital early, or in-patient admission can be avoided, whilst ensuring that patients showing signs of deterioration are rapidly identified and triaged.

The patientMpower app (accessible on a patient’s phone or tablet) uses a wireless pulse oximeter to measure patients’ oxygen saturation and heart rate, and a spirometer to record FVC, FEV1 and other lung measures. All information captured by patients in the app is immediately available for health service staff to view in a secure patient data portal.

Healthcare staff can then make informed decisions about the on-going care needs of patients being monitored. If patients’ physiology data drops below configurable thresholds real time alerts are sent to the patient, a potential nominated carer, and the healthcare professional to enable rapid triage.

Those with mild to moderate symptoms may continue to recover at home, whereas those with more severe symptoms or health measures indicative of more severe disease can be moved to hospital

You, the healthcare provider will need:

  • web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox are all supported)
  • an account to log on to patientMpower
  • smartphone or tablet with access to the internet

The patient will need:

  • access to a smartphone or tablet device
  • access to stable internet connection
  • mobile phone number and email address
  • wireless pulse oximeter (provided by supplier)
  • wireless spirometer (provided by supplier)

How to apply

The HSE Lead for patientMpower is Lorraine Smyth - Communications & Innovations Lead, Office of the Director of Digital Academy & HSE Digital Transformation.

Contact Lorraine at for details on how to access patientMpower.

Training and demos

Full training and demos are provided by patientMpower.

Contact to schedule a demo.

Recordings of live training sessions will also be available for your convenience over the coming weeks.

Support documentation

Patient documentation

For written patient information and support videos see support and patient resources

Long term lung conditions

patientMpower platforms also enable home monitoring of people with long term lung conditions including COPD, cystic fibrosis and interstitial lung disease (ILD).

Patients are provided with a pulse oximeter and a spirometer to monitor their lung function. Weight, temperature, symptoms and medication compliance can also be tracked. This means that patients can be monitored without needing to attend out-patient clinics, including during COVID-19 restrictions. For more information see this video:

This programme is available to hospital respiratory services.

To apply contact Lorraine Smyth, Digital Transformation and Open Innovation, HSE:

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