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Enodatis for COVID (formerly ACORRD): web-based clinical support tool for respiratory care of COVID-19 patients

What is Enodatis for COVID?

Enodatis supports healthcare professionals with triage, monitoring, and treatment of COVID-19 patients in hospital. It is a web-based clinical support tool that can be accessed by approved clinicians through a web browser on their mobile phone.

The solution aims to:

  1. Guide non-respiratory clinicians in the delivery of respiratory care with appropriate data and recommendations to support clinical decisions
  2. Help specialist respiratory clinicians identify and triage the patients most in need of their attention
  3. Provide senior respiratory team leaders with instant oversight of the condition and patients in their care, helping them to treat patients and optimize and forecast resource requirements – including staff and equipment

Enodatis uses a novel COVID Critical Care Index (CCCI) to help determine best course of treatment.CCCI has been designed collaboratively by a team led by Professor Richard Costello including respiratory specialist clinicians and researchers from Beaumont, St. Vincent’s, St. James, the Mater, and clinicians from S3 Connected Health.

To use Enodatis, the healthcare provider will need:

  • an account to log on to Enodatis
  • smartphone or tablet with access to the internet
  • Chrome or Safari web browser

How to apply

The HSE Lead for Enodatis is Ross Cullen - Digital Innovation Manager, HSE Digital Transformation.

Contact Ross on 087 239 0695 for details on how to access Enodatis.

Training and demos

Live training sessions are being scheduled over the coming weeks. Details on these training sessions will be posted here when finalised.

Recordings of live training sessions will also be available for your convenience over the coming weeks.

Support documentation

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