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Antigen testing guidance

This operational guidance is for users of antigen diagnostic tests (ADT).

It covers all aspects of ADT, ranging from the point of sampling an individual to the performance of ADT. It also includes information on the recording and reporting of detected results.

For ADT clinical guidance go to HPSC: Interim guidance on the use of Antigen Detection Tests in the public health system in Ireland

Operational framework

The operational framework document provides help for users of ADT in the performance of testing. It acts as an overarching framework to guide the use of ADT in a near-patient test setting.

Each setting should refer to their specific ADT operational plan. It gives guidance on the interpretation of the operational framework in their setting.

Antigen diagnostic tests use in acute settings

The following documents are relevant to ADT use in acute settings:

Page last reviewed: 24/02/2021
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