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HR coronavirus circulars - older circulars

Older circulars related to coronavirus

Find a full list of HR circulars here

3 month, fixed-term contract of employment for 51 final year student radiographers (UCD) (Circular 037/2020)

Agreement to provide a 3 month, fixed term contract of employment, as radiography assistant, to the cohort of 51 radiography students (UCD) currently undertaking their 7 week clinical placement in acute hospitals.

Pilot pre-retirement initiative for nurses and midwives during COVID-19 (Circular 035/2020)

Nurses who temporarily increase their attendance from 0.5 WTE to 1 WTE/full-time in response to COVID-19, and revert to the pre-retirement initiative (50% attendance) following the COVID-19 response, may retain the enhanced pension arrangements subject to conditions.

Guidance and faqs for public service employers relating to working arrangements and temporary assignments across the public service (including updates to 28th April 2020) (Circular 034/2020)

This guidance document supersedes previous guidance issued by DPER during COVID-19.

Working arrangements for those with caring arrangements during COVID-19 (Circular 033/20)

If one parent, guardian, partner is an essential healthcare worker, the other parent, guardian, partner will be supported by their public sector employer to remain at home to care for the child(ren).

Transmission risk mitigation guidance on the management of staff allocation and redeployment during COVID-19 (Circular 032/20)

Actions to be undertaken by services to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 in all healthcare settings

Revised policy and procedure on redeployment of staff during Covid-19 - version 4 (Circular 31/20)

Section 3.4 of this policy has been updated to include the link to the most up-to-date advice from Occupational ealth. Section 8.3 has been updated to revise the date of review, in accordance with current Government guidelines.

Changes to Employment Permits for NCHDs (Circular 030/20)

Changes are effective immediately and relate to availability of a multi-site employment permit; and eligibility for both general employment permits and critical skills employment permits.

Revised arrangements for change in contract requests during the COVID-19 Outbreak (Circular 029/20)

Request for change in contract from an individual consultant to Consultant Contract 2008 Type A only can be approved by the relevant Hospital Group CEO/Chief Officer.

4th year nursing and midwifery students temporarily hired as Health Care Assistants (Circular 28/20)

4th year nursing and midwifery internship students (pre-registration), currently on paid placement, will be temporarily paid on the first point of the Health Care Assistant scale, for a period of 3 months, effective from 14 April.

Guidance and FAQs on working arrangements and temporary assignments across the Public Service (Circular 027/20)

This guidance document supersedes previous guidance and FAQs relating to working arrangements and temporary assignments during COVID-19.

Revision to the policy on the redeployment of staff during Covid-19 infection (Circular 026/20)

The scope of the policy for redeployment of staff during Covid-19 infection is being extended to employees of Section 38 organisations.

Contingency plan ensuring that the employment permits system is used in all scenarios during COVID-19 (Circular 024/20)

Employment permit applications for medical personnel will be prioritised. Electronic (pdf) copy of permit will be issued by email.

Template to use for redeployment of staff into the HSE during the Covid-19 pandemic (Circular 023/20)

The template sets out how redeployment will be managed locally, the position on the roles of redeployed staff, HR and payroll matters and indemnity.

Temporary Assignment Scheme to release staff to the HSE from across the civil and public service during COVID-19 (Circular 022/20)

Arrangement to release staff to the HSE from across the civil and public service, including local authorities and education sector, during COVID-19. Where possible, staff should be released immediately. The temporary assignments may be for an initial period of up to three months with a possible extension if required.

Guidelines on engaging and managing volunteers locally during COVID-19 (Circular 021/2020)

Guidance on engaging and managing volunteers that includes health and safety, indemnity and confidentiality. The guidelines cover volunteers used locally and do not cover volunteers engaged through ‘Be on Call for Ireland’

Revised occupational health information for healthcare workers (Circular 020/2020)

The revised information includes healthcare worker (HCW) management by occupational health, derogation for return to work for HCWs essential for critical services, pregnant HCWs, vulnerable HCWs and HCWs with pre-existing conditions.

Essential services under new Public Health guidelines (Circular 019/2020)

Employees should work from home until 12 April, except where there is a need to travel to and from work - where the work is an essential health, social care or other essential service and cannot be done from home. This circular provides guidance to managers on identifying employees who are essential to the provision of our services.

Requirement to report HSE national collection of twice weekly absence for COVID-19 (Circular 018/2020)

Collection of national absence data, specifically related to COVID-19. This is to be reported twice weekly (Monday and Thursday by not later than 12 midday) from all Hospital Groups, Community Healthcare Organisations and national functions.

Addendum to HR Circular 12/2020 FAQs for public service employers in relation to working arrangements and leave associated with COVID-19 (Circular 016/2020)

Guidance and sample self-declaration form for special leave with pay. Frequently asked questions about working arrangements and leave associated with COVID-19, including updates on changes from the containment to delay phase

Revised policy on redeployment of staff during COVID-19 (Circular 015/2020)

Reviewed and updated policy on redeployment of staff during COVID-19

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