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  • Online payslips

    You must register before using the online payslip system. You need an email address to register. You can use your work or personal email address.

  • New starters

    How to get set up with Payroll, register your job with the Revenue Information Office and avoid paying emergency tax.

  • Allowances

    If you work unsocial hours you may qualify for an allowance or payment. Unsocial hours are hours worked outside your standard working hours.

  • Pay scales

    Pay scales set out the rates of pay for each grade and include incremental pay (increase in pay). Increments are paid annually. The number of increments paid is determined by your grade.

  • Payslips explained

    Gross pay is the total amount you’re paid before any deductions get made. Net pay is the total amount you’re paid after tax, PRSI, and other deductions. Taxable pay is your gross pay less any contributions you make to a scheme.

  • Payroll submissions

    How to record, review, authorise and maintain payroll and leave records.

  • Contact Payroll

    Contact information for payroll regions across the HSE.