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Your data protection

Information you give to Occupational Health is held securely and is only accessed by Occupational Health staff.

The Occupational Health Service (OHS) is a confidential service for employees.

Your information is held securely in accordance with the HSE's data protection policies.

Information we collect from you

The information we may collect includes:

  • personal details about you, such as date of birth, address, contact details
  • medical information given by you in the pre-placement health assessment
  • details of vaccinations or test results
  • a copy of your management referral form from your manager
  • reports from other medical practitioners provided by you or obtained with your consent

Who can see your information

Only OHS staff can access your information. OHS staff have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential.

Keeping your records secure and confidential

Paper and electronic files are stored securely. The HSE has strict information security procedures to ensure information is kept safe. This applies to information held in paper or electronic format. See the HSE information security policy

Information is only kept for as long as necessary. Records are maintained in line with the recommendations of the HSE retention policy.

How your information gets used

The OHS provides statistical information within the HSE. For example, number of flu vaccinations given per service area. The OHS will make sure that you cannot be identified in this information.

Accessing your health records

You can access your occupational health records in 3 ways:

  • administrative access request
  • subject access request (SAR)
  • freedom of information request (FOI)

For all requests, only the information requested will be released.

Contact your local occupational service (PDF) to make a request for information.

See: HSE's Freedom of information - access to information

Administrative access request

You must apply in writing to your local occupational service for an administrative access request.

You will need to provide information to help locate your files.

This will include your:

  • date of birth
  • current and previous addresses
  • contacts you had with the services and approximate dates of contacts

You may also be asked for proof of identity, for example, providing a copy of your passport or driver’s licence.

There is usually no charge for copies of personal records. However, the OHS may make a charge if the quantity of records is very large.

Administrative access requests are processed in 15 days.

Information not provided under administrative access may be accessed under Freedom of Information.

Subject access request (SAR)

If you are requesting your data under data protection legislation you can access your health records by making a subject access request (SAR)

You can make the request in writing to the Occupational Health Service. You will need to provide photographic identification. This includes a passport, driver licence or public services card.

You can make a request to have your information released to another person. This requires your written consent.

Freedom of Information request

You can make a request for your health records under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

Find out how to do this and get the relevant form from the HSE's making a request under FOI.


Local occupational service contacts (PDF, 172KB, 8 pages)

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