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What to expect when using self service and contacting NSD

What to expect when using self service, calling or emailing NSD, and when an analyst contacts you

What to expect when using NSD self service portal

  • Launch NSD self service portal or click on the self service icon on your desktop
  • Keep your user profile up to date using the tile 'Update Your User Profile" on the first self service screen
  • To log a new support ticket click on the tile 'Log a New Support Ticket'
  • You will see several tiles which are the options available in self service. Select the appropriate tile, complete, and submit. Your ticket will then be logged with the NSD. You will receive an automatic email and you will be able to check the status of your ticket
  • Find out more about NSD self service

What to expect when calling the NSD on 0818 300 300

  • When calling the NSD you will be asked questions to confirm your identity and we will update your contact information on the NSD system
  • A support analyst will work with you to triage and if possible fix any incidents
  • The support analyst will record the details of your call and provide advice on additional requirements you may need to fulfill, for example getting forms completed, authorised, and submitted
  • The support analyst will assign your call to the appropriate team if he/she is unable to resolve your ticket
  • You will receive an automated email from the NSD providing you with a unique ticket number and details of your call

What to expect when emailing the NSD

  • Emailing the NSD doesn't get a support ticket logged on to the NSD system
  • Support analysts will check emails throughout the day and log tickets where they can. Our experience is that the majority of emails require a support analyst to contact the person sending the email to gather additional information to create a ticket. This is a timely process and sometimes requires several attempts to try and contact the person which could delay the ticket resolution
  • Email is the slowest method to log a new support ticket, therefore we encourage staff to use Self Service where possible
  • If emailing, please ensure you specify your contact details and availability, for a support analyst to contact you

What to expect when an NSD Analyst contacts you

  • When an NSD support analyst contacts you, they may require information or need to remotely access your desktop. The support analyst will provide you with a ticket number and you should verify this ticket with the automated email you received when you logged your ticket. This should be requested if not offered during the initial contact and please verify any ticket number provided
  • NSD will always be able to provide you with a valid ticket number
  • You must always be vigilant when asked for your details or access to data by phone or email

Page last reviewed: 16/12/2020
Next review due: 16/12/2023