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HealthIRL account

Everyone working in the HSE will move to a new domain called HealthIRL. This will improve our IT system by making it more efficient. It will allow us to easily share calendars, files and contact directories.

Your local IT representative will contact you directly about it. But there are some steps to take before moving.

Reduce Outlook mailbox size

If your Outlook mailbox is over 2.5GB in size then you will need to 'cleanup' or reduce its size. You might be receiving messages warning that you're about to run out of mailbox space. 'Cleanup' is a tool you can use to fix this.

How to clean up your mailbox (size 575.7 kb)

Register your HealthIRL account

After moving over to HealthIRL you must register your account to access it.

Registering, resetting and unlocking your HealthIRL password guide (PDF, size 767kb)

Contact the National Service Desk (NSD)

Use NSD Self Service or phone 0818 300 300

Page last reviewed: 20/11/2020
Next review due: 20/11/2023