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Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety helpdesk

    Use the Health and Safety Helpdesk to access specialist health and safety support, guidance, advice and to book health and safety training.

  • Accident and incident reporting

    Workplace accidents and incidents are to be reported in accordance with your Safety Statement.

  • Biological agents

    Biological agents are classified into 4 risk groups according to their level of risk of infection.

  • Chemicals

    Chemicals are classified as non-hazardous or hazardous. You may come into contact with several different chemical substances during your work, for example, cleaning agents, disinfecting and sterilising agents, laboratory chemicals.

  • Consultation and safety representation

    Safety representatives make suggestions on safety, health and welfare. To become a safety representative, you must be employed for 2 years in the HSE or other healthcare sector. As a safety representative you can inspect the workplace, and make recommendations to improve safety, health and welfare in the workplace.

  • Contract workers

    The term 'Contractor' is used broadly and is intended to cover contractors, agencies and temporary employment businesses. If you are using a contract, you have health and safety responsibilities.

  • Dangerous goods

    Dangerous goods are substances and items that are a risk to people, property and the environment. Examples include clinical waste, specimens, laboratory waste, pharmacy waste

  • Driving for work

    Driving for work is where you drive on a road as part of your employment. This is in either a HSE vehicle, or using a private vehicle and getting travel expenses from the HSE.

  • First aid

    Information on first aid requirements for workplace settings

  • Health and Safety auditing

    A suite of audit tools, developed by the National Health and Safety Function (NHSF), provide assurance around health and safety performance. The audit tools can be used to monitor and measure key deliverables and identify areas for improvement.