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Supporting Ukrainian people in Ireland

Ireland has welcomed thousands of Ukrainian people since the outbreak of war, and it’s expected that people will continue to arrive as the situation develops. Finding a place to stay and addressing medical concerns are the highest priorities for people arriving here. The HSE is coordinating its services with other government agencies.

Directing Ukrainian people to HSE information

You should direct Ukrainian people in need of health information to, available in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Roughly 30% of Ukraine’s population speak Russian as their first language.

Where to direct a friend, neighbour, or family member wanting to help

You can direct people wanting to help to - how people and community groups can help

Services available to Ukrainian people

Ukrainian people can access the same health and social care services as people living here. They can apply for a medical card and health screening services are offered upon arrival, including access to COVID-19 advice and vaccinations.

English-Ukrainian and English-Russian phrasebooks to help communicate in a medical emergency are available on our HSE website.

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