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The National 3PG* Repository Team is part of Health Library Ireland, based at Dr Steevens’ Hospital in Dublin 8.

We are in the early project development stage, with a project manager and assistant staff officer in place to support this work. Oversight of the project work is provided by the National 3PG Governance Group which is chaired by Dr Ana Terrés, Assistant National Director, Head of Research and Evidence. Health Library Ireland is part of Research and Evidence reporting to Strategy and Research.

Work of National 3PG Repository Team is divided into two distinct phases:

  • Phase one is to set-up the National Central Repository (2022-2023)
  • Phase two will concentrate on the function, set-up and management of the National Central Repository Office (2023-2024)

Scope of work to set-up a HSE National Central Repository

A National Central Repository Working Group is in place and chaired by the HSE National Librarian. Consultation with a range of stakeholders including service users, staff and management is underway to perform a user needs analysis and scoping of the digital solution for a National Central Repository, including associated resources, costs and funding requirements. The consultation process includes how both clinical and non-clinical national 3PGs will be made accessible and the document inclusion criteria for the National Central Repository.

Current status of governance for 3PG Framework

The HSE National Framework for Developing PPPGs is in place and used in the HSE since 2016. The Framework is now under review, being led by the National 3PG Governance Group. This is a parallel process to the setup of the National Central Repository and is essential to inform the needs analysis.

Library training and support

Training on effective literature searching is available from the Library Information Skills Team, contact the team using this online form

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