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UL Hospitals Group: Strategy 2018 – 2022

UL Hospitals Group strives to be a valued, trusted and leading provider of excellence in healthcare.

Our vision is to be patient-centred, clinically-integrated, team-based and research-driven. Our 2018 – 2022 Corporate Strategy provides the roadmap to work significantly towards that vision.

Our aim has always been focused on delivering timely access to high-quality safe care. We recognise that new challenges will emerge in pursuit of this goal and over the lifetime of this strategy.

We have used this strategic planning process to consider:

  • The needs and expectations of the people we serve.
  • The environment in which we work.
  • Our role and responsibility to build a better health service for the Midwest and Ireland.

Strategic priorities

Clinical Transformation

We will align, expand and redesign our services, to provide clinical excellence for our patients.

We will optimise our resources and capabilities, building on our strengths.

We will be proactive and innovative in developing solutions to meet the health needs of the population we serve.

Education, Research & Innovation

We will improve the quality of life of our patients and the population by developing the skills and capabilities of our staff.

We will focus on research and innovation to make advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions.

Collaboration & Alliances

We will work with key partners to improve our service delivery, technology, research and innovation.

We will partner with public services in the Midwest to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

Digital Health

We will build our digital skills to enable our group to become a digital leader in Irish healthcare.

We will put in place national and local systems to enable clinicians to make more informed care decisions.

We will provide digital systems to capture and analyse evidence.


People & Culture

We will attract, retain, and develop high performing team members to represent the organisation’s values and ambitions.

Operational Excellence

We will manage our resources, processes, systems, technology and infrastructure in an appropriate, purposeful and optimal way.

Financial Sustainability

We will use our resources in a financially viable and sustainable way.

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