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Creating a culture of person-centredness for nurses and midwives

Evidence shows that staff need to experience person-centredness in their workplace every day to be person-centred with others.

By using creative and cognitive approaches to learning and development, individuals and teams can explore their workplace culture and what person-centredness means for them and their service.

This enables a deeper understanding of the patterns in practice that enable or inhibit person-centred workplaces and practices and transforms practice for nurses and midwives.

ONMSD and person-centredness

The National Quality Improvement team is taking the lead with the support of the ONMSD, HR and Disability Services, to enable cultures of person-centredness within the HSE.

The Quality Improvement team offer:

  • a corporate programme to develop person-centred ways of working
  • regional facilitator development programme
  • foundation workshops for services interested in finding out more about person-centred culture development work
  • workshops for academic programmes
  • webinar presentations
  • facilitators network
  • international linkages with other health and academic services involved in similar work

National Programme to Enable Cultures of Person-Centredness

The National Programme to Enable Cultures of Person-Centredness is an accredited national facilitator development programme to enable cultures of person-centredness.

This programme gives you the required knowledge and skills to lead person-centred culture change in your own services.

The methodology used incorporates a co-operative inquiry approach and uses:

  • transformational facilitation
  • transformational practice–development
  • co-creation and co-design approaches
  • core principles of person-centredness
  • active learning

These methodologies incorporate whole-person learning and engagement and combine critical creative and cognitive approaches to adult learning.


Lorna Peelo-Kilroe, ONMSD and National QI team

Phone: 087 660 1791