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National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (ONMSD)

The National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (NCLC) supports the clinical leadership development for all grades of nurses and midwives nationally.

Our vision is to inspire innovative leadership through our clinical leadership competency framework, clinical leadership programmes, initiatives and workshops.

Our 2021 End of Year report provides an insight into the work of the NCLC during another very challenging year It is also reflective of the dedication and commitment of the NCLC team and those who support our commitment to clinical leadership development.

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NCLC End of Year Report 2021 (PDF size 1.6 MB)

Role and Function of the NCLC (ONMSD)

The role of the NCLC Team is to support the clinical leadership development of all grades of nurses (all disciplines) and midwives nationally through our:

  • Clinical Leadership Competency Framework
  • Clinical Leadership Programmes
  • Clinical Leadership Workshops
  • Clinical Leadership Development Initiatives

Our Team

NCLC Team Profile (PDF, size 527 KB, 2 pages)

Clinical Leadership Competency Framework

The Clinical Leadership Competency Framework (CLCF) is an e-learning resource for nurses and midwives up to and including CNM CMM2 and equivalent grades. The CLCF provides an opportunity for the user to assess, plan and develop their capacity and capability through 7 Leadership Competencies.
The CLCF contains a comprehensive leadership resource section, while also linking the user to a digital National Professional Development Plan. Thereby providing an opportunity to record their leadership development.
The CLCF can be accessed on

Clinical Leadership Programme Pathway

NCLC Programme Pathway (PDF, size 263 KB, 1 page)

How to register for a Clinical Leadership programme for all grades of Nursing and Midwifery

Select the nursing or midwifery grade applicable to you. Choose and click on the programme title. This will allow you to view the schedule of programmes available for that grade. A description of programme and workshop content including registration guidance and details are provided for each nursing and midwifery grade as follows:

Staff Nurse and Staff Midwives

CNM and CMM 1 and 2 Grades or equivalent

CNM CMM 3 and ADON ADOM Grades or equivalent

DON DOM CDON CDOM or equivalent

Clinical Leadership Development Initiatives

National Mentoring Implementation Programme

The NCLC supports services to implement a formal mentoring structure and process into their organisations. For further information please contact

Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Leadership during Covid-19, Sharing the Learning Webinar Series

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the NCLC in collaboration with the Chief Nursing Office and the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland hosted a webinar series consisting of 10 webinars. The aim of this series was to provide an opportunity for all grades of nurses (all disciplines) and midwives to present their clinical leadership experiences and share their learning.

The webinar series was extremely successful and will contribute to nursing and midwifery history for future generations.

NCLC Webinar Series Clinical Leadership in Covid-19 Sharing the Learning (PDF, size 444 KB, 1 page)