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National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (ONMSD)

NCLC Programmes January 2022 Due to the impact of the current situation with Covid 19 on services, the NCLC have postponed their leadership programmes until the current wave of Covid 19 resolves. This decision was taken having considered the difficulty in releasing staff at this time. We hope to be in a position to recommence our programmes as soon as possible. .

The National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery (NCLC) supports the clinical leadership development for all grades of nurses and midwives nationally.

Our vision is to inspire innovative leadership through our clinical leadership competency framework, clinical leadership programmes, initiatives and workshops.

Our 2020 End of Year report provides an insight into the work of the NCLC during this very challenging year. It is also reflective of the dedication and commitment of the NCLC team and those who support our work, to clinical leadership development.

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NCLC End of Year Report 2020 (PDF, size 1.7 MB, 38 pages)

Role of the Director of the NCLC for nursing and midwifery (ONMSD)

The NCLC Director guides and supports the NCLC team to provide clinical leadership opportunities for nurses and midwives through the NCLC

  • Clinical Leadership Competency Framework
  • Clinical Leadership Programmes
  • Clinical Leadership Workshops

Clinical Leadership Development Initiatives

The purpose of the role is to guide and support the NCLC team to develop nursing and midwifery clinical leaders through its Clinical Leadership Competency Framework, leadership programmes, development initiatives and workshops.


Marie Kilduff - NCLC Director

Phone: 087 656 8104

Education and training

National Clinical Leadership Centre programmes and initiatives

The National Clinical Leadership centre runs programmes and initiatives to support the clinical leadership of individuals and the organisation. Examples of programmes include:

  • An Introduction to Clinical Leadership
  • Empowering Self and Others
  • The Peta Taaffe Clinical Leadership Programme
  • Future Nurse and Midwife Leaders Development Programme
  • Executive Leaders Programme for Directors of Nursing, Directors of Midwifery grades or equivalent up to and including Chief Directors of Nursing and Midwifery grades

Covid 19

The National Clinical Leadership Centre for Nursing and Midwifery will be delivering the internationally recognised ICARE (Innovation, Compassion, Attitude, Resilience and Engagement) one day leadership programme until early 2022.

This programme was developed by Healthcare 360, UK in 2018 and adapted for delivery to nurses and midwives in the UK, Australia and New Zealand during the pandemic. The NCLC will deliver this programme to nurses and midwives up to and including ADoN and ADoM grades or equivalent over the coming months.

Please see the attached flyer for further information on the programme and for registration details.

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ICARE Information and Registration (PDF, 1 page, 499 KB)

Due to the impact of Covid 19, the NCLC have adapted all of our programmes for virtual delivery and to meet the changing leadership needs of nurses and midwives in light of the pandemic. Programmes include:

  • Clinical Leadership Development Programme for Staff Nurses and Staff Midwives 2 Day Virtual Programme
  • Peta Taaffe 2.5 Day Virtual Programe for CNM1/ CMM1 & CNM2/CMM2 Grades
  • Future Leaders Programme Virtual Programme for CNM/CMM3 Grades/ ClSp grades, Advanced Nurse Practitoners & ADON Grades
  • Executive Leaders Programme Virtual Programme for Area DON/DOM & DON/DOM Grades

Please see below our NCLC guide for information and contact details for the NCLC lead for each of these programmes:

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NCLC Information Guide 2021( PDF, size 1.1 MB, 19 pages)

Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Leadership during Covid 19, Sharing the Learning Webinar Series

In collaborating with colleagues from services during the first wave of Covid 19 in 2020, it was evident that there was significant clinical leadership demonstrated by nurses and midwives, nationally. As the pandemic escalated, it became clear that nurses and midwives should be provided with an opportunity to present their clinical leadership experiences. This would not only enable them to present the significant leadership skills and knowledge demonstrated during this challenging time but would also facilitate shared learning across disciplines and services.

The NCLC in collaboration with the Chief Nursing Office (CNO) and the IoL, RCSI are delighted to present our webinar series Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Leadership during Covid 19, Sharing the Learning. The series includes representation from the CNO office, ONMSD, midwifery and all disciplines of nursing and all grades of nurses and midwives. It has been a pleasure to work with the colleagues from the CNO and the RCSI on this initiative and it has been an honour to collaborate with all of the panellists who were so committed and dedicated to supporting us with each webinar.

Please note that each webinar was circulated from September 2020 to April 2021 using e mail, social media and the NCLC, CNO and RCSI websites. Webinars can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Webinar 1 - Learning from our Senior Leaders

Webinar 2 - Learning from Older Person Services

Webinar 3 - Learning from Midwifery Services

Webinar 4 - Learning from Public Health Services

Webinar 5 - Learning from Acute Services

Webinar 6 - Learning from Mental Health Services

Webinar 7 - Learning from Intellectual Disability Services

Webinar 8 - Learning from Children’s Nursing Services

Webinar 9 - Sharing the Learning Past, Present and Future

National Clinical Leadership Centre - HSELanD

The Nursing and Midwifery Hub has a leadership section with information relating to clinical leadership competencies and leadership initiatives.


For information relating to programmes offered by NCLC contact:

Niamh Mann - National Clinical Leadership Centre Administrator

Phone: 061 483 301