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ONMSD and the National Clinical Programme for Epilepsy

The part time RANP Lead’s contribution to programme implementation is through:

  • Provides guidance to the National Clinical Care Programme and acute nursing as appropriate to support the, sustaining of the implemented model of care for epilepsy chronic disease nursing management in Ireland
  • Communicates nationally as appropriate across the epilepsy nursing network and with the Clinical Advisory Neurology Group
  • Advises as appropriate on the implementation of the PREVENT HPRA programme in the prescribing of Valproate to Women with Epilepsy, promoting registrations to the Epilepsy Pregnancy Register
  • Contributes to the design, implementation, and reporting data and quality measurements of epilepsy nursing care from the epilepsy electronic record as appropriate
  • Collaborates with NMPDUs and Centres for Nurse &Midwifery Education Centres to deliver online training in the acute management of responding to seizures and epilepsy
  • Supports Epilepsy Ireland with educational public resources and patient research
  • Promotes opportunities to show case, publish and research epilepsy nursing nationally and internationally


SENsE Study Summary Report (PDF, 784.61KB, 8 pages)

SENsE Study Full Report (PDF, 319 pages, 4.64MB)

Model of Care

Epilepsy Model of Care

Programme Resources

Practice Guide for the Management of Women With Epilepsy (PDF, 3,33MB, 44 pages)

Health Products Regulatory Authority: Valproate/Epilim PREVENT Programme

Epilepsy Nurse Interest Group

The Irish epilepsy nurses group (IENG) is a network of nurses involved in caring for people with epilepsy.

There is representation from nurses across a diverse range of clinical and residential care services and many divisions of the nursing register including general, paediatrics, intellectual disabilities and community nursing.

If you are working in the area of epilepsy or care for people with epilepsy and would like to become a member of the IENG please email: