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ONMSD and the National Respiratory Clinical Programme (incorporating Asthma and COPD)

The Interim Nurse Service Planner (part time) contribution to programme implementation is through:

  • Providing support and advice in relation to the implementation of the Respiratory Integrated Care nursing services
  • Collaboration on the implementation of the Chronic Disease model in the mapped networks and hubs
  • Engaging with key stakeholders in relation to professional development and advanced practice of respiratory nurses
  • Advise the National Clinical Programmes on alignment with Models of Care and resource planning
  • Review and enhance asthma and COPD education resources (both online and practical training) for the public and healthcare professionals
  • Participating in multi-disciplinary NCP meetings

Programme resources

COPD clinical and self management resources including information for participants in pulmonary rehabilitation programmes

Asthma e-learning programme for staff ‘Care of Adults and Children with Asthma

Clinical guidelines

Read the clinical guidelines for adult and paediatric asthma.

Asthma Clinical Guidelines and care bundles

COPD Acute Management Care Bundle