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ONMSD and the National Critical Care Programme

The nurse lead contribution to programme implementation is through

  • providing a senior critical care nurse management function to support the implementation of the National Critical Care Programme (NCCP)
  • liaison between the NCCP Team and ONMSD on critical care nursing professional issues
  • identifying all key nursing aspects related to the implementation of the NCCP Model of Care, in consultation with the relevant stakeholders in ONMSD, Hospital Group and hospital management team
  • advancing the critical care nursing contribution to users of our services
  • development of a Critical Care Nurse Career Pathway, aligned to the quality requirements for critical care nursing within the Model of Care
  • advising on the resource requirements to implement the Career Pathway, from undergraduate through to advanced practice nursing in critical care
  • oversee the implementation of nurse education and continuing professional development strategies for the development of critical care nursing in line with the Career Pathway
  • working with the National Deteriorating Patient Recognition & Response Improvement Programme on development of a response model for deteriorating patients
  • creating a platform to share the learning from nurses working in critical care units and from existing good practices to inform updating of the nursing aspects of the model of care
  • development of workforce plans for critical care nursing
  • work with the other National Clinical Programme nurse leads to ensure the nursing interface between the NCCP and other programmes is managed effectively
  • liaison with senior nurse managers responsible for monitoring and quality assuring the critical care nursing and midwifery delivery systems
  • lead or participate in critical care strategy and planning groups linked to the development of mass casualty planning, eHealth records and Irish Association of Critical Care Nurses (IACCN)

Model of care

Model of Care for Adult Critical Care

Critical Care Nursing Career Pathway

Critical Care Nurse Career Pathway

Programme Publications

Read our newsletters, critical care census reports, service standards and clinical guidelines

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Nursing activities

Hospital Group has established a Critical Care Nurse Workforce Planning Working Group chaired jointly by each Group Director of Nursing and Midwifery and NCCP nurse lead.

Meetings are held every two to three months. Through these groups the following outputs have been achieved

  • defined a Critical Care Nursing Career Pathway
  • agreed a curriculum for commissioning of an accredited National Foundation Education Module in Critical Care Nursing (level 8)
  • obtained prior recognition of learning for nurses progressing from the Foundation Module to the Post Graduate Diploma in UCD, UCC and NUIG
  • agreed and utilised a workforce data collection template for Critical Care Nursing
  • increased by 50% the number of Clinical Facilitator (Educator) posts in critical care units nationwide
  • contributed to the commissioning process for increased capacity across Critical Care

National Steering Group for Critical Care Nursing Education, Training and Workforce Planning

Steering Group oversees the development and implementation of a critical care nursing workforce planning strategy.

It is informed by the Annual Critical Care Census and outlines the workforce numbers, breakdown per grade and qualifications. Gaps are identified against the Model of Care Critical Care Nursing Quality requirements.

Plans are developed to address gaps and to ensure alignment to Slaintecare and the Bed Capacity Review 2018.

Critical Care Nursing Education Interest Group

The purpose of this group is to ensure Service Level Agreement monitoring and oversight for the delivery of the National Foundation Education Module in Critical Care Nursing.

For more information, please contact Derek Cribbin: