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ONMSD and the National Clinical Programme for Heart Failure

The nurse lead's contribution to the implementation of the clinical programme for heart failure includes:

  • Ensuring that the nursing aspects of the design, implementation plans for the National Clinical Programme for Heart Failure are complete
  • Create awareness and promote the principles underpinning heart failure care, in both the acute and community setting
  • Provide leadership and direction in the development of heart failure nursing
  • Involving nurses in advising on the service design, delivery and development of the National Clinical and Integrated Care Programmes for heart failure on nursing issues
  • Provide a professional nursing link for heart failure nursing colleagues to the NCP and ONMSD
  • Provide advice and direction in relation to nurse education and professional development training for heart failure nursing in both acute and community setting
  • Create a nursing forum that captures learning during implementation and learning from existing local good practices
  • Supporting developments in services to establish an effective model of care for heart failure

Nurse Interest Associations

Two nurse interest associations exist, the Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association (INCA) and the Irish Association of Heart Failure Nurses (IAHFNurses) which is a subgroup of INCA , the programme nurse lead sits on both committees

Irish Nurses Cardiovascular Association (INCA)

Membership and meetings are open to all nurses working in cardiology providing a forum for cardiovascular nurses education, communication and research development.

Contributions from cardiovascular nurses and those working and interested in the speciality are welcome.

Irish Association of Heart Failure Nurses (IAHFNurses)

This is a professional association dedicated to improving all aspects of care for the heart failure patient. Membership and meetings are open to all nurses working in heart failure.

Programme Resources

Heart Failure in General Practice, Quality and Safety in Practice Committee, ICGP

This document includes:

  • Definition
  • Terminology
  • Categories of Heart Failure
  • Diagnosis of Heart Failure
  • Therapy of Heart Failure
  • Device Therapy in Heart Failure

Heart Failure in General Practice, Appendices

Appendices include:

  • Troubleshooting common medications used in Heart Failure
  • Management of decompensation and palliative care in heart failure
  • Common co-morbidities in heart failure
  • Prevention of heart failure
  • Introduction to echocardiography

Webinar: Heart Failure in General Practice: Tips and Tricks (Dr Joe Gallagher), Health Research Board Primary Care CTNI

Webinar covers the following areas across 4 case studies

  • Diagnosis
  • Stable Heart Failure
  • Palliative care/ Decompensation
  • New prevention strategies

Video: Heart Failure Signs, Symptoms and living with heart failure Dr Joe Gallagher for the Heart Failure Patients Alliance in conjunction with Croi and the Heartbeat Trust

Video: Heart Failure Dr Ken McDonald Consultant Cardiologist for the Heart Failure Alliance in conjunction with Croi and the Heartbeat Trust

Step by Step Through Heart Failure, Irish Heart Foundation. A booklet for patients, families and their carers

Planning for the Future, Living with Advanced Heart Failure, Irish Heart Foundation and the Irish Hospice Foundation The purpose of this booklet is to both signpost and prompt discussions the patient can have with their medical and healthcare team as well as family so they can be more prepared for the future.

Heart Failure Matters, Practical information for patients, families and caregivers

Other sources of information


Michelle Carey

Nurse Lead National Clinical Programme for Heart Failure

Phone: 087 435 5545