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Sponsorship for the student midwife recruitment scheme

Sponsorship is available for registered general nurses who would like to complete a Higher Diploma in Midwifery.

The Higher Diploma in Midwifery is a full time minimum 18 month programme from the date of first registration for the programme. The programme is delivered by the following hospital groups and their academic partners. * These include:

  • Saolta Hospital Group (University Hospital Galway) with University of Galway
  • South/South West Hospital Group (Cork University Maternity Group) with University College Cork
  • UL Hospitals Group (University Maternity Hospital Limerick) with University of Limerick
  • RCSI Hospitals Group (Our Lady Of Lourdes Drogheda) with Dundalk Institute of Technology

*Higher Diploma in Midwifery HSE Sponsorship programme is also provided in Dublin in the Coombe Women’s Maternity Hospital and the Rotunda Hospital in partnership with Trinity College Dublin (TCD); National Maternity Hospital, in partnership with University College Dublin (UCD). Please refer to their individual websites for information on eligibility, recruitment and advertisement.

Selected applicants will be offered a minimum 18 month contract of paid employment for the duration of the programme. The college fees for the programme are also paid by the HSE.

Each HSE sponsored student midwife will retain their current point on the staff nurse salary scale on entry into the programme (based on verified nursing service). Students will retain their incremental date and will be granted incremental credit (if applicable) during the programme.

The working week is that of a full-time member of staff (37.5 hour week). College hours are as assigned with full attendance required.

How to apply

Who can apply?

You can apply if you meet the following criteria at the time of application:

Be registered in the General Division of the Register of Nurses maintained by The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) or eligible to be so registered.

After you complete the programme

You must work for the sponsoring agency as a midwife for the length of the academic programme undertaken which is 18 months for the Higher Diploma in Midwifery.

If you don’t do this, you may need to repay the sponsorship fees to the sponsoring maternity site and in the case of full time programmes, the value of salary you received during the theory element of the programme.


Margaret Quigley

National Lead for Midwifery ONMSD

Tel: 087 798 8558

Sponsorship of Post Registration Student Children's Nurses and Student Midwives Education Initiatives - HSE HR Circular 004/2011 (PDF, 1.77MB, 3 pages)