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After you apply for funding for nursing and midwifery educational programmes

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Processing your data is necessary to process your application for funding support. Staff involved in the funding support process will assess the information.

When completing your application you will be asked to verify that you have read, understand and consent to your data being used for the reasons outlined in the local Guideline for Funding Support for Continuing Professional Development for Nurses and Midwives.

Personal data

ONMSD require your personal data included in the funding support application:

  • to enable a funding decision to be made on your application
  • to process payments to be made to your identified education provider in respect of a successful funding support application
  • to maintain records that demonstrate compliance with HSE National Financial Regulations

You are advised to provide only the personal data requested and to utilise work contact details when available, for example, work address, work email ( and work landline or mobile number.

ONMSD employees will have access to the information you provide. They will only contact you or your line manager in relation to your application for funding support.

Your data will not be shared with third parties but may be used by ONMSD employees to verify your identity when processing payments with the third party or education provider.

Read the HSE's GDPR FAQs here

If your application is approved

If your application for funding is approved, we will contact you and your line manager to let you know. We will also discuss how best to arrange payment of programme fees.

Approvals for funding must follow the HSE National Financial Regulations.


Short programmes

A programme/conference form will be emailed to your line manager. This form needs to be completed by the line manager within 2 weeks of your attendance at the short programme. The completed form needs to be returned to your local NMPDU or CNME depending on where your funding comes from.

Formal academic programmes

If you get funding for a formal academic programme, you must submit a copy of your certificate of award on completion of their programme of study.